What We Buy

Gun Buyer, Jewelry Buyer & More in Winston-Salem, NC

Whether you’re looking for a gold buyer, diamond buyer, or gun buyer, we are the one-stop shop to call in Winston-Salem, NC. We purchase numismatic gold and silver coins; bullion gold and silver coins; scrap gold, silver, and platinum jewelry; and sterling silver flatware.  Stop in today and our gold and gun buyers will assess and explain the value of your items.  We are the coin dealers you can count on!

Numismatic Coins and Currency

These coins and currency are collected based on their rarity and value above their face value.
Coin Dealer Winston-Salem, NC

Bullion Coins

These coins are struck of a fine metal and collected based on the value of the raw materials that comprise the coin.
Coin Dealer Winston-Salem, NC

Scrap Gold, Silver Jewelry

Material is purchased based on the ever fluctuating metals market on the New York Stock Exchange. The jewelry's value is determined by the varying purities within the piece, such as 10k, 14k, 18k, and then the actual weight of the jewelry.
Gold Buyer Winston-Salem, NC

Local Gun Buyer in Winston-Salem, NC

Old Guns

Old guns can have a great amount of value depending on their age, type, condition, special markings and many other factors. When working with our gun buyers, you can expect to get the best compensation for any old or antique item. Our gun buyers know precisely how to evaluate items and make a fair offer to our Winston-Salem, NC clients. 

Diamond buyers purchasing estate jewelry as well as a wide variety of other items!

Miscellaneous Items

We also buy stamps, postcards, knives, swords, watches, and other collectibles. 

Call 336-701-5116 or contact us here today to ask us more about what we buy and for a free no-obligation quote!

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